Latte Dolls Menu


Latte Dolls Uses The Beans Of Two Local Coffee Roasters: Texas Coffee Traders and Barrett's.

Regular Daily Brew - Sumatran Dark or Kenyon

Decaf Daily Brew - Texas Blend Vienne Roast Decaf

All hot coffee and espresso drinks are available in three sizes; chilled coffee drinks available in 16 oz.:

  • Small = 12 oz. - $1.50
  • Medium = 16 oz. - $1.70
  • Large = 20 oz. - $1.90

    Be a member of the DOUBLE "D" CLUB! Pay $4.00 for your first 20 oz. regular coffee which comes in a Latte Dolls Travel Mug. Every future Double "D" refill will be $.50 off when you bring your mug back for another delicious cup of coffee.

    Latte Dolls Coffee Favorites .................


    This is the essence extra-finely ground coffee extracted to produce the most satisfying full-bodied rich flavorful coffee drink.

    All Espresso Drinks Are Avaible in Different Levels of Potency:

  • Single Shot
  • $1.50
  • Double Shot
  • $1.75
  • Triple Shot
  • $1.90
  • Four Shots!
  • $2.10

    Americano - $1.50/ $1.70/ $1.90
    Fresh espresso mixed with hot water producing a rich flavorful coffee drink at brewed coffee strength.
    Cappuccino - $2.35/ $2.60/ $2.85
    Harmonious balance of espresso, steamed milk and frothed milk.
    Cafe Latte - $2.35/ $2.60/ $2.85
    Steamed milk flavored with espresso, garnished with a dollop of milk foam.
    Cafe Mocha - $2.60/ $2.85/ $3.10
    Cafe Latte flavored with a rich chocolate sauce, garnished with whipped cream.

    Other Ways to "Whet Your Whistle"............

    Latte Dolls now serves "JET" Fruit and Tea Smoothies in a variety of flavors. Served in 16 oz. glasses - $1.70
  • Bottled Water - $1.00
  • Milk - $1.50
  • Orange Juice - $.90
    Prefer TEA or HOT CHOCOLATE instead? Just ask your server about availability.

    While You're Here, Grab a Bite............

    Veggie, Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza - $1.50 per slice
    (Served Hot or Cold)
    Assorted Veggie and Meat Eaters Tacos - $1.50
    Rosita's Veggie and Meat Tamales - 2 for $1.00

    Other "Sweet Stuff"..............

    Assorted Pastries - $1.50 each

    Also Enjoy and Get Healthy With Zia's Appricot, Pear and Nut
    Breakfast Bars Made Fresh, Exclusively for "Latte Dolls" - $2.50

    * Pizza provided by Austins Pizza


    Bananas= $.60 ea.
    Oranges= $.90 ea.
    Apples= $.90 ea.

    Daily Drink Specials.......

    Latte Dolls baristas will have a "Drink Special" each day that will satisy even the most refined coffee palettes.